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First of all, THANK YOU! Never in a thousand lifetimes could I ever thank a Veteran & their family enough for the sacrifices that they have made. That is the biggest reason for all that I do.

--Miss. Liberty Belle


Music is the foundation that my life was built on. Everyone in my family is musically talented in some way. From a young age I was singing around the house with my dad which led to singing in church for my entire young life. It would be singing for anything from a small group up to a retreat attended by thousands. It forced me to overcome my fears but that was easy. Music made all my fears melt away.

Why the 1940’s? Well, in my opinion, the men & women of the time were part of the greatest generation. Their grit & determination to overcome is unmatched. And the music…even if you don’t like it…you can’t hate it.

Listening to it takes you back in time. You can’t even make it through the last two months of each year without hearing songs that were written in the 40’s. Pair the music with the look of the 40’s….tailored suits for the men & classy dresses with perfectly styled rolls & waves for the ladies…makes an unforgettable combo. 

Miss. Liberty Belle Is Born

My gratitude for military veterans matched with with my love for music and the 1940’s; Miss. Liberty Belle became a star. I was given a photo shoot with Trashy Betty Photography for my birthday. It was a pin-up styled shoot.

It was something that I was always too apprehensive to do but since I had been given the gift, I “had” to do it. I had a BLAST with my photo shoot; LOVED the outcome.

The Rest is History

A few months later, I commissioned Trashy Betty Photography to photo an event for me. She heard me sing “At Last” by Etta James and I knew that she had to connect me with a friend that was looking for a war time era singer for an upcoming veteran’s event. 

I reached out and volunteered for the event. Prior to, I didn’t just want to jump up on stage dressed up with victory rolls and a cute dress as Leslie. It just didn’t sound right. Fascinated with nose art, I started scrolling through pages and pages of planes with beautiful ladies to find “the one”. I landed on the B-17 Liberty Belle. Beautiful, blonde and hey…she had my initials. It just worked. And that is how I became Miss Liberty Belle. The rest is history.

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